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An Observational Study on Acupuncture for Earthquake-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Medical Acupuncture) - 2018

Earthquakes are associated with severe psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Current first-line therapies for PTSD have well-known side-effects. Acupuncture is a complementary approach to help patients cope with mental problems after natural disasters and public health events. Click to read

Acupuncture for Treatment of Persistent Disturbed Sleep: A Randomized Clinical Trial in Veterans With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry) - 2018

Real acupuncture, compared with a sham needling procedure, resulted in a significant improvement in sleep measures for veterans with mTBI and disturbed sleep, even in the presence of PTSD. These results indicate that an alternative-medicine treatment modality like acupuncture can provide clinically significant relief for a particularly recalcitrant problem affecting large segments of the veteran population. Click to read

Acupuncture: Bridging the Gap Between the Military and Veterans' Health Systems (Medical Acupuncture) - 2018

For the estimated 270,000 military service men and women who transition each year to the VHA, acupuncture and other integrative therapies are familiar treatment options for conditions such as chronic pain.  Click to read

Responding to the health needs of survivors of human trafficking: a systematic review (BMC Health Services Research) - 2016

Authors drew attention to cultural differences in attitudes towards health, particularly mental health, and highlighted that typically Western approaches, such as counselling, may not be appropriate for this client group. In qualitative work by Aron et al., victims described wanting other services, outside of one-to-one therapy, to address their emotional needs, such as acupuncture. Click to read


In-depth and timely information to help HHS design and implement effective programs and services that help trafficking victims overcome the trauma and injuries they have suffered, to regain their dignity, and become self-sufficient. Click to read

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December Spotlight: Community & Giving

Rachelle Lambert, LAc

Rachelle Lambert, LAc

Rachelle Lambert, LAc began to volunteer in 2014 and has been active in deployments internationally in Nepal after the earthquakes of 2015, in Colorado Springs during the Planned Parenthood Active Shooter Recovery in 2015, the Colorado Cold Springs Fire Response and Recovery in 2016, and the Sunshine Canyon Fire Response in 2017.

In addition to volunteering and running her private practice, Rachelle is involved with developing research studies to explore acupuncture treatments and strategies in the field of natural disasters and community crisis. She developed the State of Colorado Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) Disaster Behavioral Health Team and serves as the Team Leader. Rachelle regularly teaches courses to educate the acupuncture community on how to be an effective and ethical emergency responder and is in the process of creating a certification course with the Academy of Integrative Medicine at Austin.

Maggie Meijia, Acupuncture Physician

Maggie Meijia, Acupuncture Physician

Maggie’s passion for Chinese medicine is rooted in her personal experience with acupuncture beginning in her early 20s. As a former chronic allergy sufferer, frequent cold-catcher and the poster child for gastrointestinal upset (to which she credits growing up on Dairy Queen), acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Chinese medicine lifestyle doctrines changed her health and, subsequently, her life.

Maggie’s master’s degree in Chinese medicine coupled with mentorships and clinical internships – in San Francisco’s acupuncture clinics and California Pacific Medical Center’s Stroke and Rehabilitation Center – have contributed to her clinical skills and her appreciation for integrative medicine. Maggie and the team at Family Tree Acupuncture show their love for community-style medicine and giving back to the community, with The Paul J. Suchcicki Free Veterans Memorial Clinic, named in honor of her grandfather.

Angela Yvonne, LAc

Angela Yvonne, LAc

Angela Yvonne is an acupuncturist and herbalist who helps patients overcome anxiety, depression and fatigue by balancing mind, body and spirit. Her unique program for microbiome health allows her patients heal their gut, their mind and their body with a combination of dietary changes, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Angela is licensed by the California Board of Acupuncture and has over 10 years of clinical experience working with a wide variety of health challenges.

In 2015, Angela founded The Pain Free Project in the belief that every survivor of human trafficking deserves access to all healing modalities in order to fully heal their mind, body and spirit. The program matches survivors with a dedicated health care practitioner screened and trained in the treatment of sex trafficking related traumas to provide the best care in natural, holistic therapies.