Zoe Culbertson, LAc

Zoe Culbertson, LAc

Zoe is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Massachusetts.

Zoe’s approach to healing is informed by her close understanding of Japanese culture, gained through 13 years of living and studying in Japan. A certified practitioner of Shiatsu, Zoe completed Shiatsu training in Tokyo at the Kimura Shiatsu Institute; in the U.S. she spent four years assisting Kiiko Matsumoto, a world-renowned Japanese acupuncturist.

Zoe has completed training in mindfulness, meditation, qi gong and yin yoga and teaches workshops that combine movement, yoga, acupuncture, meditation and bodywork. She has worked with All Care hospice, using guided meditation along with acupuncture to improve quality of life and ease suffering in both the mind and body.

In addition to running her private practice, Sea Side Family Acupuncture, Zoe founded a program providing acupuncture, bodywork, Tai Chi and Qi Gong to the Uphams Corner Elderly Services Program, an integrative PACE program for low-income high-needs elderly patients in Boston.

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